Orange County, in Southern California, is virtually (pun intended) a massive virtual Munzee paradise.

Here are some links to the larger, most concentrated virtual gardens that are nearby the MM8 Event area.

But first, here are the Munzee map links to the MM8 Event sites for 2019, in case you'd like to deploy:


MM8: Monkzee Madness

MM8: Monkzee Madness Dinner

MM8: Rally Day Breakfast to be determined

MM8: Stage 1

MM8: Stage 2

MM8: Stage 3

MM8: Stage 4

MM8: Stage 5

MM8: Rally Day Dinner to be determined


Munzee Madness MVM Field (spreadsheet link)

Yorba Regional Park (woah, make sure you have plenty of blasts!)

Disneyland (the Munziest Place on Earth!)

Angels Stadium (lots of room to drop some virtuals)

Craig Park (spreadsheet link)

Ode to 1849 (close to MunzeeMadness HQ!)

The Brea Spaceship (spreadsheet link)

Nixon Presidential Library (spreadsheet link)

La Habra Emerald Garden

Ode to q22q17 (spreadsheet link)

Laguna Lake Park (very nice place to stroll around the lake, room to deploy)

Arovista Park (room to deploy)

Decoyote Paw (spreadsheet link)